First Year Done, A New Decade Ahead!

Posted on January 21 2020

So, our first year has officially come to a close. We had three shirt launches along with many other items of the dive swag nature. It was an exciting first year for startups. I originally started in this world of eCommerce at Violent Little Machine shop as the first employee, and figured why not do it myself, but my way. I had been diving for almost 13 years at the time of this companies conception, and new that diving and the world of diving apparel was where I needed to go. This year, we have a plan to expand and pop. I can honestly say that in this first year of our new decade I aim to drop all five shirts in our new "Deep Mediation" series alongside a couple very cool randoms. Every one who follows will not be disappointed. Here we go people, deeper into the unknown of our own oceans, and deeper into the world of apparel which all of us divers need and want. Stay Deep my friends.

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