For Those Who Travel Into The Aquatic Realm

Posted on April 07 2019

What is it like to breath underwater? Why do those who do it, do it? Why is our adventure the same as an astronaut braving the dead of space?

These questions are easy for those who are apart of our passion; difficult for the rest. What we engage in is a step in the right direction. A direction toward discovery of self, and that of general unknown. Divers are a breed unlike all the others. We utilize specially made equipment in order to adventure into a world that does not want us there, but needs us all the same. The waters of our lands, and the creatures within it want us to understand why they are there. They are beautiful, harmless, dangerous, alive; this is their message to us.

But how is this message spoken? By being seen. This is why we dive. We choose to take a dangerous leap into the watery mass that has taken so many lives throughout history to prove to the rest of the world that we, humans, do care, and will continue to do so through the risks voluntarily taken to get there. We are adventurers of the deep. We are the ambassadors for those who can't speak, but have lived far longer than any human. 

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