What The Hell Are Tank Slappers?

Posted on April 11 2019

A couple weeks ago I sat down to listen to a podcast that was featuring one of my friends. He runs a success apparel company called "Thirty Seconds Out," and when asked about his first product, he said it was a sticker. 

Tank Slappers are just that for me, a beginning. I can remember way back to my first encounter with a divers tank that was riddled with images and sayings gathered from various dive locations from around the world. It was interesting and pulled both my eyes its way. From reviewing his tanks tattoos, I saw his attitude, his dive patterns and habits. It was a pretty cool thing to take away from just a handful of stickers, slowly fading his old 80.

Our Tank Slappers are taking it to the next level. We have them super laminated to combat the elements, and withstand the plunge to depth. They wont last forever ever, but they will last. And even if you don't want to tag your plain jane clean tank, these bad boys give anything they ride devil's horns. Rock on. 

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