• First Year Done, A New Decade Ahead!

    Posted on January 21 2020

    So, our first year has officially come to a close. We had three shirt launches along with many other items of the dive swag nature. It was an exciting first...

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  • More Than An Idea

    Posted on April 12 2019

    I have always loved diving. Breathing underwater is beyond words. Yet, I wasn’t satisfied by what was available for us to wear around town during those life intervals that pulled...

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  • What The Hell Are Tank Slappers?

    Posted on April 11 2019

    A couple weeks ago I sat down to listen to a podcast that was featuring one of my friends. He runs a success apparel company called "Thirty Seconds Out," and...

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  • For Those Who Travel Into The Aquatic Realm

    Posted on April 07 2019

    What is it like to breath underwater? Why do those who do it, do it? Why is our adventure the same as an astronaut braving the dead of space? These...

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