My Journey

Before I left for the military at age 20, I started my diving career in Seattle, Washington. As most people know, you don't exactly begin diving in a dry suit. For me, it was an old ass Harveys 8mm that didn't do crap in the department of retaining body heat. I was cold and wet, making those deep dives that much more difficult, though I shivered my way through them. 
Once I left for the Navy, diving had to take a back seat as I made my way through the various schools associated with the Rescue Swimmer rate. And it wouldn't be another 5 years from that enlistment date till I got back under the sea. Because of the flight operations that took place 5 days a week, it was extremely difficult to put together dive plans around work, thus I forwent breathing at depth and focused on free diving and spearing in my spare time.
Following my time in the Navy, I returned to my cold ass Puget Sound once again. But this time, I took it farther. In order to gain some traction within the sport, I found myself working at Underwater Sports out of Bellevue, Washington were I pushed myself through the Divemaster qualification. Once completed, I knew diving was forever my thing, and began a journey past the limits of recreational submergence. So, what was next? Yup, technical diving. And what a eye opener that was. From the math, to hitting all those in-water decompression points, I was hooked. Yet, I knew that wasn't the end to my story. I wanted more. And I found that something more in the form of commercial diving at one of the top schools in world, DIT. 
Throughout my 7.5 months at the Divers Institute of Technology, I learned a brain busting amount of information and skills associated with the world of underwater work. And it was worth every penny. But, to be honest I did not continue within that specific area of expertise. I found that my journey was going to be a little different. And so, I took it upon myself to utilize not only my love for diving, but also my imagination to bring forth this new company, 5 Atmospheres. My goal is to inspire, and keep alive the beauty of breathing underwater.